Birth Story : Nicholas + Myles | Twins | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

When Jessica contacted me to document her birth story, she was still very early in her pregnancy. She and Tyler have been married for two years and were so excited to become parents! She booked her session and the next text I received was after an OB appointment in which they found out that there was not only one baby, but TWO! It seemed their excitement had just doubled as well!

Jessica was set to be induced on July 22nd at Baptist Medical Center in downtown Jacksonville and I arrived that evening when things started to pick up. Their whole family was there - both sides! They could hardly contain their excitement and most of them stuck around as she labored through night. One of my favorite photos from this time is Jessica’s dad sleeping on the benches outside the waiting room! Surrounded by so much support and laughter, we waited for these two little baby boys to make their appearance.

Casey, Jessica’s nurse through the night, was amazing. We all felt like she was more of a friend, rather than a clinical presence. Jessica wanted so very much to avoid a cesarean, which can be very common with twins. Though things weren’t moving as quickly as they had hoped, and a cesarean was mentioned, Jessica held out as the babies were doing well and a cesarean wasn’t medically necessary. She felt very supported by her nurse, which gave her the strength to make the decision that was right for her. Toward the end of Casey’s shift, as dawn was breaking, Jessica was complete, and they were instructed by Dr. Garcia to start pushing. She did so great and Baby A kept moving down with each push!

Due to this particular hospital’s policy, since Jessica was having twins, she had to deliver them in the OR. Unfortunately, I was not permitted to join them, but they did allow me to send a camera back with a medical student who was shadowing the nurse that took Casey’s place that morning. I got the camera set up for her and gave her a crash course and off they went! I was so impressed with the shots she got, especially since she had no idea that would be entering this role when she showed up for work that day! We are all so grateful Ariana got to be there and document the births of the twins in the OR!

Tyler was sent out with the babies first and his smile was so big! I don’t think he stopped smiling for quite a while! Jessica was cleaned up and brought back into the room as well and at one point, they were both in tears looking at their babies while soaking in what had just happened. It was such a beautiful moment and I’m so glad I got to document it! Nicholas and Myles were finally here!

The babies had their assessments and vaccinations, and then we were transferred over to the postpartum unit. Everyone was whisked right by the family who had camped out through the night and who would soon join us after everyone got settled in the new room.

Jessica and Tyler kept the names a secret from their family. Nicholas was named after his uncle, Tyler’s brother, whom he has a very close relationship with. I loved this part of the story! When the family was brought in, they were overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing both babies and finding out that one of them was named Nicholas.

I’m so happy I got to be a part of their day! Every birth story is significant and unique. I really feel I have the best job in the world!

View their precious story in the video and photos that follow!