Birth Story : Killian | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Stephanie and Randall had such a sweet connection as they prepared to welcome their baby boy. Thoughts rich with anticipation over the past nine months - and today was the day! There was a really fun atmosphere in that room and I loved watching the two of them interact!

Stephanie began to push and when her nurse, Cait, was able to see the baby’s hair and show Randall, he was in tears! It was all becoming real!

The OB arrived and checked the baby’s position, finding him to be OP and asynclitic, meaning that he was sunny-side-up and his head was tilted toward his shoulder. It was a very tough situation for delivery, but the doctor was able to safely deliver sweet Killian as Stephanie pushed and brought her baby boy into this world.

They both were overjoyed and crying when they got to see and hold their son for the first time. It was an incredible thing to watch. Randall cried more than anyone that whole day, which kept me in tears while editing their story!

It was such a beautiful day and I’m so thankful I got to be a part!

Note: Just a week after Killian was born, Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, which is where Stephanie and Randall are from. Their family and friends lost just about everything, but thankfully made it through with their lives. Many have had to relocate and are starting to rebuild. Please keep them in your prayers!