Birth Story : Kynlee | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Sweet Kynlee Joan arrived on a beautiful summer day in a room bathed in sunlight. When she made her appearance, there was surge of joy that was so palpable it was hard to hold back the tears. This precious couple, Kalli and RJ, were absolutely overcome with emotion when they finally got to see their baby girl for the first time.

It was about 3:30 in the morning when Kalli sent a text saying her water had broken, and about an hour and a half later, they were headed to UF Health North in Jacksonville, where I would join them shortly. Kalli labored intensely for a while and eventually had the epidural placed, but the medication wasn’t working as well as she had hoped. Her doula, Kahla Jurney, and her husband, RJ, were right by her side through her contractions to comfort her and help with positioning. As painful as the contractions were, this also enabled Kalli to be able to feel when Kynlee was moving down. Kalli was so incredibly strong and the moments that followed were ones for the books!

With RJ, Kahla, her mother, and mother-in-law by her side, Kalli brought her sweet girl into this world, along with the help of nurses Lauren and Susan, and midwife Carrie. There are hardly words to express what the moment of birth was like for these new parents and all of us who witnessed it, but you can also experience it in the birth film below. This was the first time I’ve filmed the actual moment of birth and I loved every second of capturing it in this way!

Enjoy this beautiful and sweet birth story through the film and photos that follow!