Photo by Jamie Scholberg

Photo by Jamie Scholberg

Hi! I'm Erin! I was born and raised in Florida and now reside near Jacksonville, Florida. Featured in the picture with me is my sweet dog, Scout.  I found her when she was about 6 weeks old and very sick, but she pulled through and is now a precious companion.  Our favorite thing to do is go to the beach, jump through the waves, swim in the surf, and roll in the sand  - well, that last one is more of her thing!

I was introduced to photography when I was 14 and my dad gave me his Pentax K1000, a completely manual film camera to use. He inspired my love of the art and I took that camera everywhere, documenting my travels and experiences all through my teen years.  When I was in college, I pursued photography coursework and shadowed other photographers. I've always loved learning new techniques and soaking up all I can!

About 5 years ago, I was introduced to the concept of documentary family photography and birth photography through a workshop I attended.  I suddenly realized this was exactly the type of photography I wanted to pursue and was instantly in tears because I felt that strongly about it! That instructor later became my mentor and it was the best investment in my craft that I could have made.  My heart has always been drawn toward photographs that make me feel something, so my goal is to create those types of images for my clients.  


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