Birth Story : Sunny | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some of the most monumental moments in my dear friend, DeeAnna’s life. I’ve known DeeAnna since she was in junior high school and have seen her grow up and become a wife, a photographer, and now a mom.

DeeAnna and her husband Daniel have such a special connection and I love seeing that when I’m photographing these precious birth stories. Daniel was at her side the entire time and was so tender with her when things got intense. Sunny’s heart rate started slowing down periodically and DeeAnna had to decide whether she would do a c-section or not. The doctor gave her the options and allowed her to try pushing, which is what she was hoping for. DeeAnna was so strong and resilient despite the brief moments of the fear. She pushed through that fear and was able to push her sweet girl into this world when the time was right. Sunny came through healthy and strong and it was so beautiful! DeeAnna and Daniel’s lives are now so much richer with their sweet little girl!

Welcome sweet Sunny Jo!