Birth Story : Oz | Gainesville Home Birth Photographer

When fellow photographer, Jessie, contacted me to photograph her home birth story, I was so excited! It’s always such an honor to document the stories of other photographers! We had an immediate connection and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her through her pregnancy journey.

Jessie’s strength during her home birth was awesome to witness! I loved getting to see the midwives of Midwives Cooperative of Gainesville provide such good and gentle care for her, too.

Jessie had some prodromal laboring prior to the actual birth day, but when it was time, things moved quickly. Her contractions were intensifying, and she entered the warm water of the birthing tub to have her baby. Her husband Leo held her tight while she was in the later stages of labor. Surrounded by family and close friends, little Oz entered this world into his mama’s arms, as his father looked on from above. Every birth story is unique and beautiful in its own way. I loved capturing this incredible story of a new life beginning!

*Please note that there is mild graphic content in the below video and photos. Photos and videos are always shared with permission from the families.