Surf Story | Jacksonville Documentary Photographer

Every time I go to the beach, I love to watch the surfers. Seeing them glide and turn through the waves and catch that big one they’ve been waiting for is so much fun for me. I can see why so many surfers say that they feel alive and free while on the water.  On my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I knew that going to Rincón, famous for its surfing, was a “must” for me. 

Those that know me, know that I also have a thing for dogs.  They tend to show up in my photography a lot as key parts of the stories that I am telling.  I was completely enamored with Cofré, who carefully watched his owner, Julia, as she made her way through the breaks. As I continued to observe Cofré, I fell in love with how he was also so concerned about each surfer that arrived to the beach. He greeted them as they pulled up in their cars and when they paddled back to the shore after catching a few waves.  

While surfers feel alive and free while on the water, I feel these things the most when I am photographing.  Had such a blast with this impromptu photography project!