Life Unscripted | Jacksonville Family Photographer

When I first met Liam, the 4 year-old, I could tell it was going to be a fun shoot.  He had me laughing nearly the entire time.  The first thing he wanted to show me was where the secret candy stash was when his parents weren’t looking… and then treat himself. He was polite and made sure to ask me if I wanted some, too!

Julian, the newborn baby boy, brought out the tenderness in each of the family members.  I loved capturing their interactions with him and seeing the family dynamic shift from silly and fun to sweet and quiet.    Watching the dad wrestle with Liam and then hold and feed Julian was precious.  And hearing the mom’s laughter at Liam’s antics and then watching her look at Julian with all the love in the world was absolutely heartwarming.

I loved documenting this family’s togetherness. It was a simple day – a glimpse into their everyday life.  No part of this shoot was planned, scripted, or directed. This was their life with a newborn and a sweet & somewhat mischievous 4-year old.  When you allow the day to unfold naturally, you end up getting a front row seat to the most precious & hilarious moments.  I love this so much.

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