Kasey | Fleming Island Documentary Family Photographer

I met Kasey while photographing a year in the life of her baby brother, Finn. Our sessions were documentary and involved the whole family, so Kasey was a big part of each session.  A couple weeks before our final session to celebrate Finn's birthday, Kasey became very ill with a high fever.  She spent several days at Wolfson's Children's Hospital in Jacksonville and they determined at the time that she had a virus.  Her lab work kept improving and she became like her normal self again.  At Finn's birthday party, she was hilariously adorable with her dance moves and seemed to be enjoying every minute!  

However, just two weeks later, Kasey's fever returned and she was back in the hospital. Her parents, Jessica and Mike, reported that the doctors confirmed a leukemia diagnosis.  This news broke my heart. I have witnessed other dear friends go through the same situation and I know that it can be so hard and scary.  This family's faith amazes me and they are so strong together.  

This is a staggering reminder of why I do what I do. I wanted to share some photos of Kasey over the past year that show her beautiful heart. Please join me in praying for this sweet little one as she faces this tough road ahead.