Birth Story : Kai | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Witness this family's joy as they welcome sweet little Kai!

This story has touched so many hearts, as parents, Kerrie and Ian had experienced the loss of a child during birth nearly a year ago. They felt such an incredible happiness and relief when Kai let out his first cry. I loved getting to capture these moments for them and celebrate with them.

Kerrie had learned hypnobirthing from Doula Vonda and was so serene during her labor. It was amazing to watch her strength as her contractions intensified during her unmedicated birth. Dr. Marrow of Full Circle Women’s Care in Jacksonville helped to guide her through. When it was time, Kai came quickly and Kerrie barely pushed! We were all amazed at this beautiful, fast birth. Welcomed by his parents, grandparents, and Kerrie’s best friend, Kai was surrounded by so much love and the room was inundated with excitement. You can see Kerrie and Ian’s hearts just filling up with more and more joy through each moment with their new baby boy.