Birth Story: Charlotte Joyce | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

I love being able to witness these incredible moments of new life being born. I received a call around 5 am letting me know that Dr. Adams, an OB/GYN physician at Full Circle Women's Care was getting close to delivering her baby. I rushed to the hospital and met her incredible family, friends, and doula, Kelly Googe, ready to support her and welcome her new little one.  

The best part was that this was a gender-reveal also!  The nurses cheered as Colin, Dr. Adams's husband delivered the baby and found out that it was a little girl! This is their third child, but first little girl and the surge of excitement was nearly electric in the room as she gave birth.

Moments like these make all the crazy hours and on-call time worth it. I absolutely love what I do and I am so glad my photography has taken this path.  

Enjoy the slideshow + photos of this most precious birth story below!