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I believe in the power of pictures that make you feel something.  With birth photography, you have the ability to always remember what these moments felt like when you met your baby for the first time.

I love working with Full Circle Women's Care in Jacksonville.  I had the pleasure of photographing Dr. Adams' birth story when she had her first little girl.  Enjoy these sweet captures that tell their story.

I met Erin when she was photographing for some of my other patients. As an Ob/Gyn, I get to see the work of a lot of birth photographers, and Erin’s has moved me to tears more than once. When you’re in the moment of your own delivery, however, the overwhelming emotion can block your ability to remember things as they happened. Even though we knew we had a birth photographer, when the pictures came back, we realized there were so many little moments captured that we would have missed enjoying. Every time I look at the pictures, the emotions return, and I can enjoy them again and again. My husband was able to enjoy the birth without worrying he was going to miss an important shot, or figure out how to be in the pictures himself—and I will forever be able to relive the beautiful experience of delivering our daughter.
— Dr. Chandra Adams

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