backup birth photographers



Hi! I’m Ingrid. I’m honored to be one of Erin’s backup birth photographers. We all share the same passion for capturing the most miraculous moments in life for families to enjoy forever. I am a mom 4 times over and now my first born baby is heading off to college. Oh how I wish I had my birth experiences documented so that I could turn back to them for comfort and posterity- and maybe even a little reminder for him as to why he needs to call home from time to time. HA!

I photographed my first birth in 2009, when invited along on my sweet friend’s birth journey. That is when my life’s purpose took on a dramatic new focus and photography became my passion. In 2012 my business was ready to be born and the joy and excitement it brings is just as fresh today.

Congratulations to you on your newest adventure- whether first, last, or somewhere in between. Just a reminder- don’t blink…and document it all well.


Hi! I’m Mary. I’m a wife. A mom. A pediatric occupational therapist. A photographer. Those little cuties you see with me are my beautiful little muses. They are the inspiration behind my journey in photography. The journey that started the month my daughter was born.

Becoming a mom has brought so many beautiful, funny, messy, and fleeting moments. Photography has become my way of capturing and holding onto those gorgeous moments. It’s been amazing to be able to capture so many of their sweet moments that my mommy brain would have likely forgotten by now.




Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m an introverted, T-shirt wearing, animal loving, nature admiring, lucky wife, mother of 3, photography and birth obsessed lady.

I have always been interested in photos and the story behind them.  As a kid, I would go through my grandmother’s old photo albums any chance I got!  Her face used to light up as she recalled the events and people in the pictures.  Photography was always a fun hobby for me during my youth. My ah-ha moment was when I saw photos of a birth.  WOW!  Such raw emotion during the most important day in a parent’s life!



Hi! I’m Dallas. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. I picked up my camera in 2008 to do my friend’s senior pictures and I never put it down. I continued to do photography throughout college for friends and families as a hobby. In 2012 I launched my photography business photographing sweet snuggly babies. More recently I cooked up a little baby of my own, my sweet Alexis. I rocked a natural labor and delivery and fell in love with all things birth. Now I am building my business around new tiny humans and their awesome families.