New Home After the Hurricane | Jacksonville Documentary Family Photographer

The story of this family's first day in their new home was such a beautiful thing to document. My friend Dallas had originally scheduled a session with me to document them in their log cabin on Black Creek, a home that held many special memories for them.  This was before Hurricane Irma hit and the floodwaters entered their cabin, destroying many of their possessions.  Through a lot of ups and downs, they were able to find the perfect new place in Jacksonville. So, this session took on a theme of a fresh beginning instead. Seeing their excitement for their new home in was such a joy for me! 

Dallas shares her story about our session:

This year I met a wonderful new friend, Erin Heuser, who is an excellent photographer. As soon as I saw her work, I decided that I wanted her to come and photograph an average weekday with Alexis and I at our home at the cabin, to remember what we knew to be a short-lived, special time before we moved. Unfortunately, I rescheduled our session, and Irma hit before we were able to do it. Erin was there for us when we accessed the cabin (via her kayak!) for the first time, and she helped us take pictures of the damage for insurance. A huge blessing, but not the way that I wanted to use her talent. So when we were getting close to closing on our new home, we asked her to photograph our very first moments in it as a family. We closed in the morning and had her over that evening. We took pictures, played in the back yard, ate a picnic dinner in the living room, and read books. It was a beautiful, healing time for us! We are so blessed!